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TUEXENIA is a journal publishing, above all, original German or English articles about floristics and vegetation ecology in Central Europe, their theoretical basics and practical applications. TUEXENIA is printed annually. Each volume comprises about 400 pages. An editorial board (Peer Review) ensures the quality of the articles.

The articles published in TUEXENIA are cited in numerous data banks of scientific articles and abstracts, e. g. Web of Science (Impact Factor 1.516), Agroforestry, Biological Abstracts, Biosis, CAB Abstracts, Forestry Abstracts, Referativnyi Zhurnal.

Jubiläumstagung 2002 in Göttingen mit H. Bruelheide, T. Müller und U. Jandt
Anniversary meeting in Göttingen (2002) with H. Bruelheide, T. Müller and U. Jandt

The “Floristisch-soziologische Arbeitsgemeinschaft” (FlorSoz)

The “Floristisch-soziologische Arbeitsgemeinschaft (FlorSoz)” focuses especially on deepening the scientific knowledge of the more than 1000 members inland and abroad as well as on expanding research in the field of local flora and vegetation, above all with a view to aspects of nature conservation. Annual meetings with lectures, discussions and excursions at varying places in Germany and neighbouring countries give information and enhance the knowledge of the local vegetation and environment (once a year, 3 – 4 days in summer). Papers concerning the total range of scientific activities of the “FlorSoz” are published in the annually appearing volume of  “Tuexenia” as well as in “Synopsis der Pflanzengesellschaften Deutschlands” which is published at irregular intervals. Every year in autumn, the members get a newsletter informing them about all activities as well as the next annual meeting. Members also get the annual volume as well as all issues of “Synopsis” free of charge. Former volumes/issues can be bought at a price reduction of 50% if available.

  • Annual membership fee is 40 EURO.
  • On application, Students pay a reduced fee of 15 EURO.
  • In case of a partner membership without getting the above-mentioned volumes/issues but including the possibility of taking part in the annual meetings, the annual fee for the second member is 10 EURO.